3 Jun 2016

Say Hello to Isabel

Six weeks ago, end of April, on a Wednesday our second little girl arrived. Meet Isabel, she’s a big, quiet, sleeping and easy baby. We’ve had a good start without any hick-ups at all, a little sniffle cold but that’s really it. My mom have been visiting and there’s help close by too. We feel lucky we still get to sleep during the night. A baby that sleeps! I’m still surprised she sleeps so much, Freja never did you see. Things have started to settle down on the sibling front too, but it has been tough. Freja has very much taken the toddler tantrums to a new high. Getting better though. Just wanted to say hello and that I will only post sporadically for some time. Will show you that quilt when I finally get around to snapping a pic of it. Until then, all the best.

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