2 Mar 2016

Baby Nest – what we kind of missed last time around

Quite a few weeks ago now I made this baby nest, using this tutorial (it's in Swedish), but modifying the method slightly. I was thinking of making one even before we had Freja but never got around to it. This time I hope it’ll come in handy for daytime use. That is if I can keep Freja from using it as a boat! Not that I blame her, it looks a lot like a little boat!

Otherwise we’re slowly getting on with everyday stuff. Lots of appointments for both F and me and little energy for creative things. Sorting a broken washing machine is top of the to-do list. Those sort of things. But I have started a quilt for the little one, just like I made Freja one 3 years ago. Just got some side panels left on the front and then it’s time to assemble and quilt. Fingers crossed it will be done before labour starts!

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Cali-Juicy said...

The link to the nest tutorial doesn't work...Could you relink please?