11 Aug 2015

When life and technology interferes

Gosh, what a few weeks I’ve had. Some computer issues have tampered with half the families patient, well none of us being particularly keen on tech stuff, just have a look at our 6 year old phones! I think we can snap grainy photos with them? Oh well some digging around on the internet on our old tiny spare solved the problems but meant a lot of re-installations needed doing. Fingers crossed that was it for a while.

Now Freja’s sleep patterns have been a bit of a roller coaster too and a neighbour playing very load music at any time of day, actually night is more appropriate, means the word sleep-deprived have reached new heights. If someone would have told me that I would be this tired and still manage to go about our usual daily routines I don’t think I would have believed them!

Anyhow, we’ve embraced the summer we’ve got the last month and done a few family outings, enjoyed the paddling pool in the garden and had a few pick nicks. Really just trying to get by in the tired haze.

My craft room has now got its storage too! There’s still some things needing attending but once I’ve managed those I’m definitely going to show you.

So I’ll leave you with a photo of Freja on the beach and hope to be back before too long.

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