15 Jul 2015

Emerging from a haze with way too many thoughts in my head...

Ok, another blog silence has ended. I went and got food poisoning last week, not nice at all, so I feel like I’m finally emerging from a haze with way too many thoughts in my head. 

Since the cushion project I’ve felt a little lost to what to do, it was such a big project for me and now I’m “free” I can’t decide what to focus on. I got loads of ideas and sketches in my sketchbook(s) of things I want to make or try. But they seem to stay on the planning stage and then be overlooked for the next ideas planning stage. So apart from those forever ongoing projects, like the scrap fabric running stitch madness and the puffs, I’m not really doing much. Anyone else out there wanting to do everything at once and ending up doing nothing instead? Any tips on ending this circle? I was perhaps thinking of tackling the UFO pile… *trembles from fear*


Dalkullan said...

Hoppas du mår bättre nu.

Jag tycker om bilden på den blå fågeln nedre i högra hörnet. Vad tänker du göra med den?

Lisbet said...

Ha! Där är jag också, tysen ideér, inget som blir av. Men nu ska jag göra en lista och sedan ska jag hålla mig till den! BASTA.