22 Jun 2015

Wedding cushion for Mr. and Mrs. S – My Yearlong Secret Project

Hello! We’ve been back from our holiday in Sweden a few days now. Things are settling down and going back to normal and it is with great relief I finally get to write about a yearlong super-secret project!

This wedding cushion has been my main project for over a year. Ever since my best friend got engaged a few years ago it has been in the back of my mind. When about a year and a half ago she told me they were planning their wedding for this summer it moved to the priority project list straight away. Having had a few redesigns on paper I nailed the final design late spring last year and started the embroidery fully just after last year’s Sweden trip, it was finally completely finished mid-May this year. I’m so chuffed I’ve managed to keep quiet about this cushion and kept this blog alive even when only working on this every free moment I’ve had. Making something for your closest friend can seem quite easy to begin with, but no it wasn’t easy, and in the end I wanted to tell their story more than the story of our friendship.

So to celebrate how they met, got engaged and finally got married I looked for symbols that they could easily relate to. Every element on the front has significance for their relationship (I hope!). They met doing martial arts, they had the Swedish heart shaped waffles when getting engaged and finally they got married in Dala-Floda the home of the flowery wool embroidery you see covering the central part of the cushion. I liked the idea of placing them in this jungle of florals as a way of wishing them a prosperous marriage where they can grow together as much as individuals and of course to remind them of their actual wedding day.

The back is another story though. I had grand plans for that one too but realised quite quickly that I needed to downsize those plans drastically if I wanted to finish on time. The back was always supposed to say something about our friendship, at least subtly. In the end a few birds was what I settled for. Wanting them to have a bit of character and quirkiness but be simple and not as overpowering as the front I mostly worked with lines.

I’m surprisingly happy with the whole cushion and feel like I really did a good job. I almost, but only almost, want to make another big cushion now…

Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. S!


Tyg och otyg said...

Åh så FIN! Vilket jobb, vilken present!

Erica Bessant said...

Tack Ida! =)

Dalkullan said...

Oj, vad fin. Glada färger tillika.