26 Jun 2015

My Big (and Crazy) Fabric Scrap Project

Hello, how about that overdue post about fabric scraps today? I know I’ve been hinting at it and that’s not very nice. But I did actually manage a photo session just before going off on holiday last month. Only bad with that is I’ve done a lot more since these were taken. Oh well, I’ll show you the rest another day. Let’s talk fabric scraps then.

I have a big cardboard box full of small and sometimes a little bigger pieces of fabric that is really not much use for other things than the smallest of patchwork and applique´. I don’t what to throw it all and obviously it does increase after every sewing project I do. So I came up with a little crazy idea after reading about kantha and sasiko, two techniques using the humble but brilliant runner stitch to join layers of fabric together.

The red square above is the first finished part of what I’ve imagined to be a quilt in the future. I’ve done a blue too, of which you can see the start above, and also a green. It takes less time than I thought it would and is very relaxing. Mostly I work on this in the evening enjoying a documentary or an episode of some series together with James. I simply arrange the smaller pieces on a pre-cut square of an old sheet, pin them so they stay in place and then start stitching using the runner stitch making sure I secure the raw edges somewhat. I’ve so far used different types of cotton threads I’ve had at home that never get used otherwise.

The texture is lovely and amazingly soft which actually surprised me. Perhaps one day this will be the summer quilt for our bed, we shall see.

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