3 May 2015

Toddler activity with flour in the garden

The weather has turned again, it’s now cold and windy and not so appealing to go out for longer play sessions. However when the weather was still warm me and Freja had a little over an hour of fun playing with flour outside. It’s so simple and turned out to be a great activity in my quest for things to activate her with. I got the original idea from here.
You only need a tray of some sort and some flour. If you or your child are gluten sensitive try potato flour, corn starch or icing sugar instead. I might actually try those at some point just to offer a slightly different texture and taste experience. To begin with I thought we could just draw in the flour but Freja soon figured out other ways to play with it. Mainly chasing after me with a finger full of flour wiping it off on my trousers when she got a chance. I thought it was ok though both of us being outside and I did my fair share of chasing after her too. When it was time to go back inside we had a few minutes where we would blow or throw the flour into the air and watch it disperse in the wind. Freja loved that! Sure we were pretty floury afterwards but nothing a vigorous brushing and a bath couldn’t deal with.

En eftermiddag undersökte vi mjöl i trädgården. Det var roligt!

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