6 May 2015

Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yo’s – My latest obsession

For my birthday the other week a friend of mine gave me this lovely book by Jane Brocket, it’s called The Gentle Art of Stitching. It’s a lovely book and I really appreciated the authors approach to creating. She doesn’t point any fingers or claim her way is the only right way to make, but gently encourage you to have a go at all the different stitching techniques covered in the book. Or in her own words from the introduction:

“My aim in this book is to celebrate the beauty, variety and versatility of the stitch itself, in the context of simple manageable projects. After many years with needle and thread and having been put off to often by the so-called ‘correct’ ways of doing things, I realised that the real delight of gentle stitching by hand is nothing to do with degree of difficulty or with virtuoso needlework, but in watching the stitches form right before your eyes, in getting close to and enjoying every one as you work.” Jane Brocket, The Gentle Art of Stitching, p. 7

Some of it appeals more to me than other parts, I for one is not overly interested in sample making for instance, but overall it’s a beautiful book and worth a read.

Anyhow, this lovely book has a chapter dedicated to the humble Suffolk Puff, or Yo Yo’s as they go by in the states. Looking for an easy straight forward craft to keep my restless hands busy in the evening I thought I’d have a go. A simple fabric circle is stitched and pulled in to this round puffiness. So simple and so relaxing. It was a big hit for me and I suppose it will count as my latest obsession having done somewhere around seventy of them to date. Just think though that you probably need around a 1000 of them to make a big quilt, so I got a long way still to go. For now I’m going to enjoy every stich of the way there and use up more of my fabric scraps doing it. Definitely not a bad idea. More on my quest to use all my fabric scraps another day.

Ps. Freja quite like to move the puffs about, stack them, put them in lines and carry them in the little basket I’ve put them in. Not a bad toy for a toddler!

Jag har fått en fin bok i present som inspirerade mig att sy dessa runda "tygblommor".


Lisbet said...

Onekligen en tilltalande form, hur blir de till en filt?

Erica Bessant said...

Man syr ihop dem med några stygn bara. Väldigt enkelt egentligen. =)