18 May 2015

Little drawstring bags for the journey

Next week we’re going to Sweden. (Yay!) Flying with a toddler is something that just seems a little scary. Add a couple of train journeys on that and all that waiting around you do. I’m almost a little terrified. Last few weeks have been a scramble to prepare bits and pieces that are easy to carry and will entertain Freja when things get tedious. Last week when she napped I managed to put together these drawstring bags for small toys to go in her little backpack. We’re trying to fill them with things that are interesting to her at the moment, like insects (worm and spider are favourites), small toy cars, pompoms to sort (a toddlers favourite game with never ending variations!) and some pipe cleaners (hope we can fly with those??). I also made her an artist case I’ll show you in a separate post. I’m feeling a little less flustered about travelling but it’s still daunting.

Ps. I love that green fox print fabric! 

Små påsar till leksaker inför vår resa till Sverige.

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