24 May 2015

Foxy Little Artist Case

I love this fox print! The lime green with the orange foxes just makes me happy. After thinking for a little while I decided to use it for this artist case for Freja. (The pictures don’t do it justice, they were taken in a hurry on a rainy day.) She likes drawing and this would be a great thing to take traveling. 

I got the idea on Pinterest and the original tutorial can be found here. I modified mine to fit a smaller drawing pad though so mine is probably only about half the size of the one in the tutorial. There’s a few silly mistakes and silly fixes with mine. Oh well, sleep deprivation and sewing not a great combo. So there’s definitely things that can be improved upon. Over all though it’s a pretty practical solution for moving a child’s drawing station about. I’ve even thought about making myself one for my sketchbook. Always having everything in one place sounds so appealing. Perhaps when we get back from our holiday I’ll sit down and make myself one too. We shall see! 

Ett fodral fullt av ritsaker till Freja. Perfekt att resa med!

1 comment:

Tina said...

Så smart!
Du kanske inte behöver vänta tills ni rest åter. Det finns ju en hel del material här med! Kram