28 May 2015

Doodle embroidery revisited

I don’t know if you remember this guy? I barely do, but he’s kind of finished and has been for ages. Found him lurking at the bottom of a box of UFO’s all finished. Very sneaky. But here he is in all his drawing with thread doodle glory. I should do more doodle embroidery, after all I find it just as relaxing as doodling with a pen. Sometimes having a blog means you can remind yourself of things you like, things you almost have forgotten. Like looking through the archive I found some of those diary embroideries I did years ago. Why didn’t I do more? I enjoyed it and it would be great for using up more fabric scraps. (There they are again, the fabric scraps, I shall tell you soon!) Maybe something to think about. Or perhaps it’s more a case of just doing it! Yes, go do it!

Klotterbroderi från för längesen.


aliciasivert said...

Så fin liten herre! Påminner mig om Emeraldo, akrobaten som besöker mumindalen med primadonnan i en av serierna. Och alltså dina dagboksbroderier! Förutom en fantastiskt bra idé är de ju bara sååå fina. "I made a chocolate cake and I ate it" - dråpligt, humoristiskt och med så mycket igenkänning. Jag vill VERKLIGEN göra samma sak!

Erica Bessant said...

Ja Alicia! Go do it! Jag vill se dina dagboksbroderier =) Jag ska nog göra några fler efter den här sverigeresan, så himla skoj =)