28 May 2015

Doodle embroidery revisited

I don’t know if you remember this guy? I barely do, but he’s kind of finished and has been for ages. Found him lurking at the bottom of a box of UFO’s all finished. Very sneaky. But here he is in all his drawing with thread doodle glory. I should do more doodle embroidery, after all I find it just as relaxing as doodling with a pen. Sometimes having a blog means you can remind yourself of things you like, things you almost have forgotten. Like looking through the archive I found some of those diary embroideries I did years ago. Why didn’t I do more? I enjoyed it and it would be great for using up more fabric scraps. (There they are again, the fabric scraps, I shall tell you soon!) Maybe something to think about. Or perhaps it’s more a case of just doing it! Yes, go do it!

Klotterbroderi från för längesen.

27 May 2015

You can find me on Facebook!

I just wanted to let you know you can now follow me on Facebook! Please come by and say hi, I’m a friendly bird so won’t bite. 

Nu finns jag även på Facebook. Kom och säg hej! 

24 May 2015

Foxy Little Artist Case

I love this fox print! The lime green with the orange foxes just makes me happy. After thinking for a little while I decided to use it for this artist case for Freja. (The pictures don’t do it justice, they were taken in a hurry on a rainy day.) She likes drawing and this would be a great thing to take traveling. 

I got the idea on Pinterest and the original tutorial can be found here. I modified mine to fit a smaller drawing pad though so mine is probably only about half the size of the one in the tutorial. There’s a few silly mistakes and silly fixes with mine. Oh well, sleep deprivation and sewing not a great combo. So there’s definitely things that can be improved upon. Over all though it’s a pretty practical solution for moving a child’s drawing station about. I’ve even thought about making myself one for my sketchbook. Always having everything in one place sounds so appealing. Perhaps when we get back from our holiday I’ll sit down and make myself one too. We shall see! 

Ett fodral fullt av ritsaker till Freja. Perfekt att resa med!

18 May 2015

Little drawstring bags for the journey

Next week we’re going to Sweden. (Yay!) Flying with a toddler is something that just seems a little scary. Add a couple of train journeys on that and all that waiting around you do. I’m almost a little terrified. Last few weeks have been a scramble to prepare bits and pieces that are easy to carry and will entertain Freja when things get tedious. Last week when she napped I managed to put together these drawstring bags for small toys to go in her little backpack. We’re trying to fill them with things that are interesting to her at the moment, like insects (worm and spider are favourites), small toy cars, pompoms to sort (a toddlers favourite game with never ending variations!) and some pipe cleaners (hope we can fly with those??). I also made her an artist case I’ll show you in a separate post. I’m feeling a little less flustered about travelling but it’s still daunting.

Ps. I love that green fox print fabric! 

Små påsar till leksaker inför vår resa till Sverige.

6 May 2015

Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yo’s – My latest obsession

For my birthday the other week a friend of mine gave me this lovely book by Jane Brocket, it’s called The Gentle Art of Stitching. It’s a lovely book and I really appreciated the authors approach to creating. She doesn’t point any fingers or claim her way is the only right way to make, but gently encourage you to have a go at all the different stitching techniques covered in the book. Or in her own words from the introduction:

“My aim in this book is to celebrate the beauty, variety and versatility of the stitch itself, in the context of simple manageable projects. After many years with needle and thread and having been put off to often by the so-called ‘correct’ ways of doing things, I realised that the real delight of gentle stitching by hand is nothing to do with degree of difficulty or with virtuoso needlework, but in watching the stitches form right before your eyes, in getting close to and enjoying every one as you work.” Jane Brocket, The Gentle Art of Stitching, p. 7

Some of it appeals more to me than other parts, I for one is not overly interested in sample making for instance, but overall it’s a beautiful book and worth a read.

Anyhow, this lovely book has a chapter dedicated to the humble Suffolk Puff, or Yo Yo’s as they go by in the states. Looking for an easy straight forward craft to keep my restless hands busy in the evening I thought I’d have a go. A simple fabric circle is stitched and pulled in to this round puffiness. So simple and so relaxing. It was a big hit for me and I suppose it will count as my latest obsession having done somewhere around seventy of them to date. Just think though that you probably need around a 1000 of them to make a big quilt, so I got a long way still to go. For now I’m going to enjoy every stich of the way there and use up more of my fabric scraps doing it. Definitely not a bad idea. More on my quest to use all my fabric scraps another day.

Ps. Freja quite like to move the puffs about, stack them, put them in lines and carry them in the little basket I’ve put them in. Not a bad toy for a toddler!

Jag har fått en fin bok i present som inspirerade mig att sy dessa runda "tygblommor".

3 May 2015

Toddler activity with flour in the garden

The weather has turned again, it’s now cold and windy and not so appealing to go out for longer play sessions. However when the weather was still warm me and Freja had a little over an hour of fun playing with flour outside. It’s so simple and turned out to be a great activity in my quest for things to activate her with. I got the original idea from here.
You only need a tray of some sort and some flour. If you or your child are gluten sensitive try potato flour, corn starch or icing sugar instead. I might actually try those at some point just to offer a slightly different texture and taste experience. To begin with I thought we could just draw in the flour but Freja soon figured out other ways to play with it. Mainly chasing after me with a finger full of flour wiping it off on my trousers when she got a chance. I thought it was ok though both of us being outside and I did my fair share of chasing after her too. When it was time to go back inside we had a few minutes where we would blow or throw the flour into the air and watch it disperse in the wind. Freja loved that! Sure we were pretty floury afterwards but nothing a vigorous brushing and a bath couldn’t deal with.

En eftermiddag undersökte vi mjöl i trädgården. Det var roligt!

1 May 2015

WIP – Tree Embroidery Progress

Do you remember this tree embroidery? No, well I don’t blame you it has been a while and well it’s not a finished project yet. I haven’t made it into the cushion I was thinking of doing, can’t have too many cushions right? Well, I’m not sure about the back. Can’t decide if I want a pattern or a plain. If it should be cotton or a wool mix, what type of closing/fastening I should do… 

Actually I don’t think I’ve ever been so indecisive about a cushion before and I’ve made a few since moving into this flat. I had another plan for the front too but changed my mind. That’s why it has the different panels around the tree section. Oh well, I quite like how the birds turned out even if they weren’t part of the original plan. To be continued… 

Ofärdig broderad kudde. Ibland blir det inte riktigt som man tänkt från början.