24 Apr 2015

Water in the garden

Wow, spring really started this month. The last few weeks we’ve had glorious weather here on the outskirts of Southeast London. We even had a day of summer, like a little taster of what might be coming the following months, and 24 degrees heat. Excellent day to let the toddler play with water in the garden. It was so fun to see her pour and pour and pour and get wetter and wetter. To go from not liking her baths as a baby to loving them is pretty amazing. Now water is definitely one of the best toys, and a saver for me sometimes when we’ve had too many bad nights in a row. 

Lots have been going on here lately, we’ve had granddad down for a visit, I’ve had one of those milestone birthdays (oh yeah), we’ve planted bits and bobs in our garden and there’s been a hospital appointment for Freja. Never ending roller coaster more or less. I’ll tell you more another day. Sleeping beauty is due to wake up any moment now…

Freja leker med vatten i trädgården en varm dag förra veckan.

7 Apr 2015

WIP - Progress report on hearing aid friendly hats

Hello, I hope you've had a nice Easter! We spent it at home and also Freja has had her new hearing aids for a week and a half now. She turns the right way towards sounds and that is brilliant! Over all it seems like she enjoys hearing in stereo. We also got this little wireless mic courtesy of the manufacturer that we can either wear on our clothes to use for our voices in noisy environments or plug in to devices for her to get sound streamed straight into her aids. I wish you could have seen her face the first time we used it to play music. The sheer delight was amazing!

On the down side… hats! I’ve made a prototype that failed completely. I don’t even have a photo of it because Freja refuses to even have it on her head. I have a pic of the cut out pieces though that you can see above. It didn’t look to bad on the drawing board but there’s definitely issues I need to address before trying again. For the above one I used an existing pattern I adapted and it just didn’t work. Mainly I think because if you take a huge part of the side panels of to make room for the aids, and essentially ears, you mess with the bonnets ability to stay on the head. I’ve figured out that it means you need a more fitted bonnet that goes over the forehead and wraps around the head more tightly. A kind of helmet almost is my thought or perhaps a tight hood?? To make it even a little more complicated her aids are not exactly behind her ears, they are sitting over them. Now I hope someone out there is listening to this because soft bands are generally used on children and children do not have particularly big heads. So why do they make the head bands so big? Beats me… grunt.

What this means is unless I can figure out a way to adjust the headband that audiology approves of (apparently using a pair of scissors and a sewing machine was a big no, no…) I need to take the rather changeable position of the aids into account when making the next prototype. As you can see, this is something that I’m thinking a lot about at the moment and I’m sure it’s not the last thing you will hear about it. Stay tuned…

Det här med mössor till Freja...