16 Mar 2015

Sunday in Pictures

After a very long month of colds and more colds the whole family is now almost back to normal. So on Sunday morning we all decided to brave the weather and go for a little stroll. Freja certainly needed to move and so she did.
We didn’t go far just to the local play area but in a 21 months olds world that’s like the most exciting thing ever.

Climbing, running, crawling and having a go at the swings she did it all.
Then she decided to sleep on me on the sofa rather than in the cot. At the moment that seem to be the trend, we’re thinking it’s a phase more than anything else. Cute some days, not so cute others… this time she’s pretty adorable though.
It being mother’s day in the UK James had prepared a little treat in the afternoon (very hasty and not so great photo). Afternoon tea! I didn’t complain and neither did Freja who ate most of the strawberries. Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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