31 Mar 2015

Owl Bonnet Craft Exchange

One of the best things with blogs is that you can interact with creative and inspiring people who you might never know about if they didn’t blog. Sometimes you might even end up doing a craft exchange, or craft swap if you like. I’ve done it before, here for instance and it is great fun. Now it has happened again. This time with Maja over at the Swedish blog “Fiffel och tråd”, make sure you have a look at her blog! It is loaded with environmentally friendly tips, great projects and a fair share of her cat Tyra. So what did we swap? Well she fancied an owl bonnet for her daughter and I requested some trousers for Freja. 

Here's the bonnet on my doll. I couldn’t help but add a few more bits. I happened to know her daughter is a bit of a bird watcher so the little grey bird in the owl bag (first picture) was for her on her birthday from Freja. 

The trousers we got has been great and will definitely come in handy later spring/summer. Here’s the best photo I have of one of the pairs… yeah, Freja is never still and would love to play with my camera if she could get to it.


Fiff said...

Hej hopp! Kul med inlägget :-)
Och det var himla kul med ett byte!
Ugglehättan är verkligen bedårande ♥

Fiff said...
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Dalkullan said...

Oj, vad stor hon blivit!