9 Jan 2015

Summary of 2014

I thought we should do a little summary of 2014 together. There’s been plenty of ups and downs throughout 2014 for me. Thinking back all I really can remember is the sleeplessness, the challenges of being a parent and the very clingy little daughter of mine growing up. At 19 months she’s still as clingy as ever so I’m sure I’ll say something similar in a years’ time! However, when I look back through the blog I actually have done bits and pieces. Seems like there’s been a few themes going on too. 

I did a great deal of sewing. Both patchwork pieces (here, here) and storage solutions (here, here, here, here and here). Cushions was a big thing for a while in all sorts of forms, owl anyone? My favourites are probably the patchy seat pads for our chairs, top of post, and I quite like how this 6 year old embroidery turned out as a cushion too, above.

Cushions was not the only thing sewed. I’ve had a great number of friends having babies late 2013 and through 2014 so there’s been a few gifts made too. Some never even made the blog, i.e. a pair of trousers for a friends little boy. I did show you these above, and this though and there’s still a couple of gifts I’m planning to show you from December too. 

I had a big crush on using up scraps of fabric in that long series of little scrap fabric pieces. I did quite a bit of it for a while. Mainly because it was something small and easy to pick up again after having to walk away from it for a few hours… or days. Two of my favourites can be seen above. Find the others here, here, here, and here

I’ve also done a great deal of embroidery. Finishing things, doing spur of the moment things (here and here) and thinking about trees (here, here and here). A great deal never made the blog in this category either. But hey maybe I’ll catch up in 2015 right? One of my favourites was definitely the crazy and colourful Marsma above that I finally finished (here and here). And you readers seemed to like it to. Thank you!

I did do some Christmas crafting too. Even accidentally in July! But of all the Christmas crafts I’ve done through the years this bauble wreath must be my favourite. It was just fun to make and looks absolutely bonkers, it’s huge too. Perfect for Christmas. 

Now that was my year in the crafts, more or less. I haven’t done summaries for a few years now, the last one was this and this 2011 ones, so this feels a little weird in a good way. In any case, did you have any favourites? Is there something you would like to see more of? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line. 

En summering av mitt 2014.

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