6 Jan 2015

Rosemary Christmas Wreath

It’s 2015 and I must admit I didn’t get that good a start to the New Year. My right shoulder has been very unhappy the last week and a half stopping any crafting, or computer work for that matter. After some anti-inflammatory cream things are a lot better and I even did some embroidery today. Hurray!

But before the body said no I did do a few bits and pieces I’d like to share with you. First up is another wreath actually. It seems like December was all about wreaths for me. However this one is far from the bauble wreath or the old one from before! I actually made it for my father-in-law’s front door. I used an old coat hanger and things from his garden and I quite like it. It was very simple to make but looks nice (and smells lovely from all that rosemary!). I really liked just being able to go out in the garden and use whatever I could find there. It’s such luxury! 

Next up will be a couple of gifts for some very new little people. Or maybe a summary of 2014, I haven’t decided yet. So stay tuned. 

En dörrkrans jag gjorde till svärfar under julen. 

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Tina said...

En jättefin krans. Ser fram emot att få se mer. :)