15 Jan 2015

Goals and Plans for 2015

You know how people seem to reflect and think a lot about their life and goals etc. in the beginning of a new year? I suppose I’m no different, although I’m not sure I want to share all my goals with the internet, there’s a few I actually thought I’d share with you.  

I got this little room referred to as the craft room. But to be honest it’s more of a dumping ground for anything Freja should not play with and a “storage” space for my materials and just random bits and pieces. So not ok. It’s just uninspiring, messy and it drains any possible creative juices I might have mustered up in the tired haze of parenthood. All this mainly because there really isn’t anything in there that could pass as good storage. Nope, no cupboards or similar, not even a shelf. Everything is in plastic under-the-bed boxes or in snap together paper boxes stored on top of each other. Not brilliant to say the least. So this year I want to do something about this room of mine. I want something to put things away in that is toddler safe, that looks good and makes the room feel tidy. I also want a place where I can work without having to move loads of things to another place first. I’d like to put something on the wall and have a few plants around because I know that it will make me feel like it’s my space and that I would use it more. So one of my goals this year is to try and sort this room out. I hope that by telling you I might actually get on with it. We shall see!

I’d also like to get back into the swing of making bread again. Before we had Freja I used to bake all our bread, but since it has been a rare occurrence. However, we’ve just bought a Kitchen Aid and I hope it will be a lot easier to do now, even with a toddler running around (read pulling at) my legs. So more homemade bread please! 

I’d also like to do something about this blog. I find it’s sort of gotten a little plain, almost impersonal and a little boring. So I’d like to bring a bit more me back to this place. Or a bit more of my life and thoughts to be more precise. I mean I’m a parent now and a parent to a hearing impaired child too and it has its challenges and rewards and I’d like to share more about that and choices that I’ve made. You know all those gaps here on the blog are generally filled with something else IRL. Perhaps by sharing a little more about life in general blogging will be more fun again. Oh, and if you have any questions or something you’d like me to write about. Please, give me a shout! 

Now that was some of my goals for 2015. How about you? Do you have anything you’d like to do this year? 

Några av mina mål för 2015.

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