22 Jan 2015

Food Dye Finger paint

I’m doing my best to entertain an increasingly hard to satisfy toddler and this week we tried homemade finger paint. It was a success and so easy to do! Now Freja didn’t really want to use her hands to paint with. It seems she’s inherited her dads dislike for getting hands sticky so we brought out some of my paintbrushes. If you’d like to try it with your toddler this is how you do it:

Mix 1 part salt, 1 part flour with 1 part water then add any colour food dye you’d like. We used about 2 tbsp of everything. If the mixture gets a little too liquid after adding the food dye, add more flour until the texture is more like bought finger paint. You really only need red, blue and yellow to mix any colour you like so it’s easy to experiment with your toddler. Just keep in mind that food dye can stain so don’t wear your best and an apron for your toddler is a good idea.

Hemmagjord fingerfärg.

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Tina said...

Vad roligt hon har. antar att det blir många fler målarstunder framöver.