21 Nov 2014

Bags for getting organised

Life with a toddler equals life with an abundance of bugs and germs coming your way. I’m sure any mother out there know what I’m talking about. So after my beloved little one hugged the snottiest child at playgroup (why, oh why do they always do that??) a couple of weeks ago we’ve been getting over the following cold. Is it over yet… no, but it’s much better!  Hurray! *cough*

Plenty of tea and tissues later I got around to editing a photo of something long in waiting for the blog. These bags to be more exact. Once in a while I get into organising mode and think up solutions that might make domestic life a little easier and less messy. Sometimes it works out, other times it works for a fortnight and then we’re back at square one. This project however have shown itself to be quite practical for our rather unpractical little larder. We got loads of little hocks in there but very unpractical shelves, you can’t actually reach anything at the back of them. They are that deep! So the solution was simple, and not so pretty perhaps, bags. We needed a bag for plastic bags, one for the few garden bits we have that couldn’t go in our tiny shed and somewhere to put paper plates and other party type stuff leftover from Freja’s birthday in. Well there we go. Less mess, looks better and we know where things are! 

There’s plenty of messy places still to be dealt with in this household. So please, what’s your best tips for organising in your home? 

Ordning och reda till vår opraktiska lilla skrubb.

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Tyg och otyg said...

Jag brukar utnyttja insidan av skåpsdörrar om det går. I mitt städskåp har jag satt upp stänger att hänga saker på (Ikea har dem och dessutom lämpliga bunkar och korgar att hänga på dem och sådana där plastbehållare till påsar och pappersrullar, också från Ikea.