28 Oct 2014

Improvised evening embroidery

I don’t know where it came from but all of a sudden it was just here, autumn. With it came the darkness, and for this part of the world, the rainy days. I’ve already cleared our tiny garden from the down pour of leaves twice. Freja likes to watch though and it’s nice to do something physical. In this family autumn means a lot of tea on the sofa-time watching documentaries on the BBC iplayer (no we don’t do TV) and me doing an absurd amount of stitching. When I had finished all my wool embroidery UFO’s I was a bit lost for a few nights I must admit. In the end I grabbed a piece of fabric and my new second-hand frame find, improvised a bit and well this is what happened. An embroidery very much inspired by the traditional påsöm technique from Dala-Floda in Dalarna, Sweden. Now my problem is what to make of it. I really have no idea… Any suggestions are welcome!

Ett kvällsbroderi inspirerat av påsömen från Dala-Floda.  


Jessica said...

Men så fint!! Förstår dock verkligen den där känslan att vara helt tom när ett projekt är klart på det där viset. Händerna känns som meningslösa döda fiskar när en inte har ett broderi/stickning i händerna.

Erica Bessant said...

Ja precis så är det! Jag blir nästan rastlös i soffan utan något att göra. =)