21 Oct 2014

I call it my autumn tree. James call it a tree on fire.

Wow, where did the week go? I feel like I blogged yesterday. I was talking about trees and the one I embroidered in Sweden in August right. I got inspired by Alicia (head over there she’s very inspiring!) and made the embroidery into this little purse for collecting this and that. As of this moment it holds a few of my finished little birds. But I can see it being used for small projects and for holding sewing bits and bobs when going out. Unless Freja gets her hands on it and claim it for herself. That wouldn’t be the first time! So what do you think? 

Monterat trädbroderi.


Tina said...

Vad kul att se resultatet, bakstycke tyget blev jättebra till färgerna i broderiet.

aliciasivert said...

ÅH VAD KUL!!!! Superfin blev den - gillar verkligen tofsen på dragkedjan. De är så himla praktiska de där påsarna jag får ALDRIG NOG!