28 Oct 2014

Improvised evening embroidery

I don’t know where it came from but all of a sudden it was just here, autumn. With it came the darkness, and for this part of the world, the rainy days. I’ve already cleared our tiny garden from the down pour of leaves twice. Freja likes to watch though and it’s nice to do something physical. In this family autumn means a lot of tea on the sofa-time watching documentaries on the BBC iplayer (no we don’t do TV) and me doing an absurd amount of stitching. When I had finished all my wool embroidery UFO’s I was a bit lost for a few nights I must admit. In the end I grabbed a piece of fabric and my new second-hand frame find, improvised a bit and well this is what happened. An embroidery very much inspired by the traditional påsöm technique from Dala-Floda in Dalarna, Sweden. Now my problem is what to make of it. I really have no idea… Any suggestions are welcome!

Ett kvällsbroderi inspirerat av påsömen från Dala-Floda.  

27 Oct 2014

It's bold. It's bright. It's crazy. It's a Marsma!

Do you remember this one? My marsma? Well it took a while like everything these days, but it’s finished! After boldly embroidering the year on it I couldn’t just not finish it right? 

I’m pretty happy with it. It’s crazy and colourful yet functional. I think I’ll make another one too, but a little different in shape. It’s like with everything, when you’ve done it once you can think of loads of ways to improve.

I did find it a little difficult picking the lining though. In the end I went for these very bright fabrics. 

Sometimes I find it works better to go nuts with pattern mixing and colours. It has a nice vibe to it. Please let me know what you think!

Min färdiga marsma! 

21 Oct 2014

I call it my autumn tree. James call it a tree on fire.

Wow, where did the week go? I feel like I blogged yesterday. I was talking about trees and the one I embroidered in Sweden in August right. I got inspired by Alicia (head over there she’s very inspiring!) and made the embroidery into this little purse for collecting this and that. As of this moment it holds a few of my finished little birds. But I can see it being used for small projects and for holding sewing bits and bobs when going out. Unless Freja gets her hands on it and claim it for herself. That wouldn’t be the first time! So what do you think? 

Monterat trädbroderi.

15 Oct 2014

WIP - One more tree

I know I mentioned about a tree embroidery I started in Sweden this summer. It has mostly spent the last months in a basket looking a little sad while I was waiting for my sewing machine to get fixed. Well it took a lot longer than a week in the end and I’m not sure it’s fixed properly now either… but never mind that. Here it is in its pre-assembled state, Dala-horse and all. I have made something out of it now and I’ll show you later. The little tyrant wants me to read her a book. 

Trädbroderi från sverige-semestern.