7 Jul 2014

The last little scraps for a while, promise!

These will be the last scrap fabric pieces for a while I promise! I just don’t have much to show you at the moment. Trying to combine being a mom with getting enough time to start, or finish for that matter, projects is not what I’d describe as easy. There’s a few things I’ve not photographed yet that I’ve made to make our daily chaos less chaotic. I’ve also found time to doodle in my sketchbook. Mainly on the train to work on Saturdays. The days just fly by. I never understood quite what that meant before we had Freja. You know how people with children always say that. Well I say it too now.

Oh well, the window one was the second one I ever did and the little houses are the most resent one. Both are about postcard size or a little bit bigger. I hope you enjoy them.

Några fler bilder där jag använt de minsta överblivna tygbitarna från andra projekt.

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