18 Jul 2014

Accidental Christmas in July

I did say I wouldn’t pester you with anymore of my scrap fabric pieces so here’s something else. A little bit of a craft accident, I mean I’m not that in to starting the Christmas crafting in July normally! I have been meaning to try some traditional Swedish paper crafting for a while but just not gotten around to it. When I received a magazine for buying clothes (made by a Swedish designer) in all these great colours I thought why not use it for crafting. This is what I made during a few weeks when Freja was having her mini naps. Of some reason I liked the green pages and red goes nicely with green and then it’s a very short step to Christmas. So behold my Christmas “oro”. Folklore say they protect against bad spirits and nasty intentions. Kind of like a Scandi version of a dream catcher.

En julig oro.


Tina said...

Kanske det svalkar lite i värmen att tänka på jul, i alla fall svensk jul!!!!!skämt åsido, fin är den i alla fall och garanterat barr fri. :)

metamorphosis said...

Vilken vacker krona! Blir jättesugen att papperspyssla lite nu!

Sara i Hagen said...

Superfin oro! Instämmer att man blir sugen på att pyssla med papper.