24 Jun 2014

Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer! Oh well, a few days late. In London we had a really nice weekend with amazing weather. We decided to go for a picnic in one of the parks near us. I’ve not been there before. But it was a really nice park so we will definitely go back again. There’s an exhibition on quilts in the old manor house that I’d like to see too so if not for the open green space we’ll go for that. 

Anyway, Freja really enjoyed it. Loads to look at and food in pots! What could be better? Here’s a few photos. On the one above we’re practicing signing “father”. She’s kind of doing it herself now. That’s three signs and one word down. We couldn’t be prouder.

Glad Midsommar! Här är några bilder från vår picknick i lördags.


Tina said...

Det syns att ni haft en härlig dag. Kramar.

Dalkullan said...

Ja, flickan ar fortfarande lik far sin... det verkar som det ar full fart pa henne (vilket ar bra). Kram moster.

Linda said...

Vilken fantastisk dag! Och vad häftigt att hon lär sig teckna redan! Fina familjen! Kram