24 Jun 2014

Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer! Oh well, a few days late. In London we had a really nice weekend with amazing weather. We decided to go for a picnic in one of the parks near us. I’ve not been there before. But it was a really nice park so we will definitely go back again. There’s an exhibition on quilts in the old manor house that I’d like to see too so if not for the open green space we’ll go for that. 

Anyway, Freja really enjoyed it. Loads to look at and food in pots! What could be better? Here’s a few photos. On the one above we’re practicing signing “father”. She’s kind of doing it herself now. That’s three signs and one word down. We couldn’t be prouder.

Glad Midsommar! Här är några bilder från vår picknick i lördags.

19 Jun 2014

Another two for the growing collection

For those of you who have been with me for a long time you will know that I have an art background. Perhaps you can see it here. I really enjoy making these very simple images letting the scrap pieces come together forming a little story. The crawling baby is supposed to be Freja and I’ve been meaning to add the date she first crawled to it ever since I made it. Just haven’t happened yet. The other one… well, you make your own story there. Both are roughly postcard size, maybe a little bigger. I think I might make some to send as postcards. It’s always nice getting snail-mail.

Två vykortstora textila bilder. Den ena föreställer Freja när hon började krypa och den andra får ni hitta på en egen historia till. Kanske gör jag fler att skicka iväg som vykort. 

16 Jun 2014

Re-decorating and ATC

Some of you might have noticed the chaos here the last few days. Well I decided the blog needed a facelift. Since my blog inspiration has been so low lately I wanted to simplify and tidy it up a bit to get back in the swing. I'm not sure I'm done yet either since my first plan didn't work out very well, but it will do for the moment. I've also taken a few decisions about content and language. Based on the number of readers from non-swedish speaking countries I've decided that from now on english will be the dominant language. I will probably still give a short, rather to the point, translation in swedish... So don't feel to shocked about this sudden change! Oh, and let me know what you think.

Right, on another more interesting note! ATC, or Artist Trading Cards, is another thing you can make from all those little tiny fabric scraps. Or any tiny scraps of art/craft material really. I combined the use of the sewing machine and some hand embroidery in these. I really had no clue what they would become when I started and it was kind of nice not knowing. My favourite is the boat above! Although trees and houses seems to be a theme at the moment. Since there's no fun having a small load of ATC's done by myself I was wondering if anyone would like to trade with me? If so please give me a shout on email or in the comments. 

Jag har gjort om här på bloggen och så visar jag några ATC:n som jag gjort. Vill du byta? Hör gärna av dig!