12 Oct 2010

Winter Evergreen beanies

I've been in Sweden since Thursday last week. Since then I've been fairly creative making these crochet beanies and wristwarmers I call Winter Evergreens. The colours remind me of frost covered evergreens half covered with snow on a sunny winter day.

I've also used my beloved sewing machine making these pocket tissue covers. I've only used scrap materials I had lying around here. Most of it are actually fabric from old second hand cloths or bed cloths I've bought or been given.

I've also made these little mats for cups or glasses out of denim fabrics. (The cat cup was a present from my sister a long time ago.)

And this is more a test then anything. I've been thinking about making simple christmas tree decorations and this was an idéa I had. Do you think it would work or do you have any other idéas?

I have some really good news too. Same day I flew over here I got a letter from the GTC of England telling me I now have QTS (qualified teacher status) in England! This hopefully means I'll be able to get a job within a couple of months and that finally one agency or another might be interested in (helping) me. I also have some volunteering work for when I come back to London. Please hold your thumbs and cross your fingers for everything to work out well! The last 3 months have been hell in some ways and heaven in others it would be so wonderful if it just wanted to sort it self out now. 

I'll show you some drawings I've done soon so stay tuned...

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Tina said...

Jättegrattis till din volentärplats och "examens" certifikat.
ang, juldekorationer tror jag folk i allmänhet är mer traditionella i sitt färgval..... Jag har ett silvrit tyg liggande om du är intresserad.Kul grej tycker jag i alla fall. Bra nytänk!
Vi ses snart.
Kram mam