14 Oct 2010

Magpies and over a 1000

Just some drawings I did the other day. Thought I show you my chinese ink doodle. I really enjoy drawing with chinese ink and an old chop stick.  I know... but it's fun so try it! I do recommend it.

If you haven't noticed, my blog have had over a 1000 unique visitors now. Wow... and I thought no one really read it! Anyway I thought I'd celebrate a little with a competition/giveaway... So stay tuned there will be more info up sometime this or next week. I just have to think about it a little bit first...


Tina said...

Jag tycker verkligen om dina skator. Du har hittat karatären i dem. Jag vill nog också prova bläck och....... ätpinnar ....nån gång
Kram mam

Eva i Halmstad said...

Så fina skator.
Tycker du är jätteduktig.
Så skoj med alla tyger du fått från din mamma, spännande och se vad de blir av de.
Må gott