26 Oct 2010

A lack of motivation

Alright. I wont say I lack inspiration but I will say that I for the moment lack abit of motivation. Inspiration you can work for, motivation, well I guess you can work for that too, but somehow it's alot more difficult. I've been busy lately with all sorts of things. Volunteering last week (it was fun), domestic work and some other social fun. It's chilly, no, ice cold in our messy room (we're in great need of some serious hoovering and tidying) since we actually don't have any heating at all. Mmm, lovely isn't it? London is windy and wet today. I don't get much done simply because it's so cold in here. Sometimes it's actually warmer outside! Anyway, above is a picture of some things that I have been doing. There are four needle books made from the cardboard wraping on some chocolate. I saw the idea on this blog first i think but made my own versions more inspired by the ones my Mom made. They are simple and fun to make and great for your "going away pocket sized needle book". The other two weird things are scrap material brooches. I use everything, more or less, in my creative work. Even the left over threads from sewing. You'll see some more examples later on I'm sure. 

Regarding the competition/giveaway there will be a post about it tonight or tomorrow night. Now that I have made up my mind about it a bit more. The winner will be sent a nice mix of little things especially chosen for, well the winner. So keep your eyes open ok.

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