3 Oct 2010

How to be busy

 Alright here we go! Bracelet!

Heart brooch!

Wristwarmers with bow!

Wristwarmers with flower and beads!

Wristwarmers in christmas red! 

Stockings in grey!

Stockings in red with buttons!

... with buttons, as i said.

Oh and another pair of wristwarmers, blue ones!

A bracelet with button!

The beginning of something! (You'll see soon.)

And a mat for James tea/coffee cup! (I tried to make it felt but it didn't quite work, hence the fluffy appearence.)

Well this is what I've been doing the last couple of days. Apart from looking for work and doing domestic stuff that is. I'm thinking about renting a stall at a christmas-craft-fair-market-thingy so I'm working with making things for that really. I got some new ideas so we'll see what happens. Apart from that I'm visiting/having an interview for some volunteering work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have something meaningful to do once or twice a week after I get back from Sweden next time. Have a nice sunday!

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