21 Oct 2010

Back from the cold forest

I'm back from Sweden now after some busy days with James visiting family, the forest and Falun for my birch shot. London is cold now too but not as cold as when we left Gagnef yesterday morning. At least there's no first snow here and the trees are still full of leaves. Yes, it had snowed during the night to yesterday. I feel rested after ca 9 h sleep. How I love the one hour time difference when I fly back here. And I've not forgotten the little giveaway/competition I promised. I've just run out of time lately so stay tuned I will post more about it in a day or two. Later today I'm of to do some volunteer work which I really look forward too. Craft and Art wise I've got some things to show you but as alot lately I need to snap some photos first.

1 comment:

ninaemilia said...

Fint foto! Han ser ut som en snusmumrik, vilket ju bara är positivt. Välintegrerad!