15 Oct 2010

41 pieces of fabric later

I have been called crazy. Maybe I am. 29 of these I made today. 12 of them the other day. The new 29 ones are made from scrap fabric my Mom gave me yesterday. (Tack mamma!) She had been given lots of huge boxes of embroidery threads, yarn and scrap fabrics from an old lady. So you see some 50's 60's 70's and later prints above. Really fun to see and use too. Tomorrow I'll work on some bags, at least thats my thought. Show you later...


Tina said...

Vad kul och se tygerna igen.....Du har verkligen varit flitig. De blev jättebra!
Själv så filtar jag yllebitarna just nu, i tvättmaskinen.
Vi hörs, mam

Elin said...

Jag kallar dig inte galen, jag kallar dig ericafabriken.