30 Oct 2010

Bird drawings

Drawing I

I've been drawing a little. Completely without goal, very spontaneously, no high expectations. These are the results. 

Drawing II

Drawing III

Remember to enter into my little competition! Tomorrow it's your last chance. Have a nice weekend!

27 Oct 2010

Celebration competition!

So finally I've pulled myself together for this little competition/give away/celebration. The rules are simple. To participate you need to anwser a couple of questions by commenting on this post. The celebration is open to enter until sunday 31st october and the winner will be drawn the week after. If you want to you can link to this on your blog, spread the word, but it's not a demand and wont give you a bigger chance to win. Feel free to use the picture above for that purpose. If you haven't got a blog, thats ok you can enter anyway! 

And the price? Well the price will be a goody package of a variety of things I make. Like a pair of wristwarmers, some brooches and a couple of surprises. 

Like to win a Svala package? Then answer these questions (in swedish or english);
  • How did you find my blog? (Hur hittade du hit?)
  • What inspires you? (Vad inspirerar dig?)
  • Have you a favourite thing among the crafts I make? (Har du någon favorit bland sakerna jag gör?)
 Good luck!

26 Oct 2010

A lack of motivation

Alright. I wont say I lack inspiration but I will say that I for the moment lack abit of motivation. Inspiration you can work for, motivation, well I guess you can work for that too, but somehow it's alot more difficult. I've been busy lately with all sorts of things. Volunteering last week (it was fun), domestic work and some other social fun. It's chilly, no, ice cold in our messy room (we're in great need of some serious hoovering and tidying) since we actually don't have any heating at all. Mmm, lovely isn't it? London is windy and wet today. I don't get much done simply because it's so cold in here. Sometimes it's actually warmer outside! Anyway, above is a picture of some things that I have been doing. There are four needle books made from the cardboard wraping on some chocolate. I saw the idea on this blog first i think but made my own versions more inspired by the ones my Mom made. They are simple and fun to make and great for your "going away pocket sized needle book". The other two weird things are scrap material brooches. I use everything, more or less, in my creative work. Even the left over threads from sewing. You'll see some more examples later on I'm sure. 

Regarding the competition/giveaway there will be a post about it tonight or tomorrow night. Now that I have made up my mind about it a bit more. The winner will be sent a nice mix of little things especially chosen for, well the winner. So keep your eyes open ok.

21 Oct 2010

Back from the cold forest

I'm back from Sweden now after some busy days with James visiting family, the forest and Falun for my birch shot. London is cold now too but not as cold as when we left Gagnef yesterday morning. At least there's no first snow here and the trees are still full of leaves. Yes, it had snowed during the night to yesterday. I feel rested after ca 9 h sleep. How I love the one hour time difference when I fly back here. And I've not forgotten the little giveaway/competition I promised. I've just run out of time lately so stay tuned I will post more about it in a day or two. Later today I'm of to do some volunteer work which I really look forward too. Craft and Art wise I've got some things to show you but as alot lately I need to snap some photos first.

15 Oct 2010

41 pieces of fabric later

I have been called crazy. Maybe I am. 29 of these I made today. 12 of them the other day. The new 29 ones are made from scrap fabric my Mom gave me yesterday. (Tack mamma!) She had been given lots of huge boxes of embroidery threads, yarn and scrap fabrics from an old lady. So you see some 50's 60's 70's and later prints above. Really fun to see and use too. Tomorrow I'll work on some bags, at least thats my thought. Show you later...

14 Oct 2010

Magpies and over a 1000

Just some drawings I did the other day. Thought I show you my chinese ink doodle. I really enjoy drawing with chinese ink and an old chop stick.  I know... but it's fun so try it! I do recommend it.

If you haven't noticed, my blog have had over a 1000 unique visitors now. Wow... and I thought no one really read it! Anyway I thought I'd celebrate a little with a competition/giveaway... So stay tuned there will be more info up sometime this or next week. I just have to think about it a little bit first...

12 Oct 2010

Winter Evergreen beanies

I've been in Sweden since Thursday last week. Since then I've been fairly creative making these crochet beanies and wristwarmers I call Winter Evergreens. The colours remind me of frost covered evergreens half covered with snow on a sunny winter day.

I've also used my beloved sewing machine making these pocket tissue covers. I've only used scrap materials I had lying around here. Most of it are actually fabric from old second hand cloths or bed cloths I've bought or been given.

I've also made these little mats for cups or glasses out of denim fabrics. (The cat cup was a present from my sister a long time ago.)

And this is more a test then anything. I've been thinking about making simple christmas tree decorations and this was an idéa I had. Do you think it would work or do you have any other idéas?

I have some really good news too. Same day I flew over here I got a letter from the GTC of England telling me I now have QTS (qualified teacher status) in England! This hopefully means I'll be able to get a job within a couple of months and that finally one agency or another might be interested in (helping) me. I also have some volunteering work for when I come back to London. Please hold your thumbs and cross your fingers for everything to work out well! The last 3 months have been hell in some ways and heaven in others it would be so wonderful if it just wanted to sort it self out now. 

I'll show you some drawings I've done soon so stay tuned...

3 Oct 2010

How to be busy

 Alright here we go! Bracelet!

Heart brooch!

Wristwarmers with bow!

Wristwarmers with flower and beads!

Wristwarmers in christmas red! 

Stockings in grey!

Stockings in red with buttons!

... with buttons, as i said.

Oh and another pair of wristwarmers, blue ones!

A bracelet with button!

The beginning of something! (You'll see soon.)

And a mat for James tea/coffee cup! (I tried to make it felt but it didn't quite work, hence the fluffy appearence.)

Well this is what I've been doing the last couple of days. Apart from looking for work and doing domestic stuff that is. I'm thinking about renting a stall at a christmas-craft-fair-market-thingy so I'm working with making things for that really. I got some new ideas so we'll see what happens. Apart from that I'm visiting/having an interview for some volunteering work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have something meaningful to do once or twice a week after I get back from Sweden next time. Have a nice sunday!