7 Sep 2010

Francis Alys and half a pair of wristwarmers

As I promised a post about the Francis Alys exhibition at Tate Modern my friend Nina and I went to. To be honest I don't know what to say apart from that it was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Mostly I enjoyed the way his works seemed to address all ages and levels of knowledge. The child counted sheep in one (video)work while the old man giggled at another. The experience led Nina and me to discussions about quality among some things. I would gladly recommend it but it finished the 5 September.

The photo above is of another wristwarmer. It's so far a lonely soul since I haven't started making the other one yet. Do you think I should add some decoration to it?

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Nina said...


Kritik av Francis Alÿs-utställningen. Ok skrivet, författaren vill inte riktigt ta ställning, men en del bra saker blir sagda.