2 Sep 2010


I'm back from my short trip to a cold Sweden. Autumn is right outside the door there. Anyway, do you remember this pin-cushion I started ages ago? Well, it's finished now. I did bring some sand with me this time and here you have the sand filled result. It will be up for sale in a while if someone is interested.

I meet up with my Mom last friday and she did say she had some yarn for me. I just didn't expect how much yarn she had! I got loads of new high quality wool yarn and some other stuff too. I'm to lazy to pull it all out of the box I put it in yesterday to show you some photos... sorry. And if this present from my Mom wasn't enough my dear friend Nina came around yesterday with a bag full of treasures from her grandma, who was a seamstress! There were plenty of yarn and really nice fabrics (some even high quality wool fabrics!!)! Thanks Nina, really thank you! I will cherish all of it.

We also went to an art exhibition yesterday but I think the visit deserves its own post so more about it later.


Moa - En magisk purt... said...

Hej hej! Mycket tjusig. Ditt tips om yllefärg i tvättmaskinen lät bäst eftersom capen är så stor. Vet du var man kan köpa?

Lonesome Mama said...

Hej fina fröken, vill bara upplysa dig om att jag har en liten tävling på min blogg, man kan vinna ett par fina pärlade indianörhängen i utbyte av en grym låt!