28 Sep 2010

Misi Updated!

As promised my Misi shop is now updated. Go have a look and you'll see these among other things!

27 Sep 2010

The rainbow in brooches

The last couple of weeks felt brooches. I still don't understand why I enjoy making these so much. I think it might be the variation, I mean none of them will ever turn out the same way as any of the rest. If you see anything you like let me know, allright?

23 Sep 2010


Är, sen några dagar, tillbaka i London igen efter en långhelg i Falmouth, Cornwall. Ett trevligt litet ställe får jag säga. Här är några foton...  

Falmouth sett från färjan över till St. Mawes.

Där vi tog en promenad som skulle vara ca 3 miles men som med James pappas ledning blev ca 7-8 miles istället. (Ungefär lite mer än en svensk mil alltså.)

Fint var det i alla fall. Jag undrar bara var dem gömt Hobbitarna?

Vi snubblade över en liten kyrka i en lagun också. Det såg liksom inte riktigt ut om den engelska landsbygden/kusten på något sätt.

Palmer och andra halvtropiska växter trivs tydligen väldigt bra i det milda klimatet i området. I ärlighetens namn, det gjorde mina luftrör och min allergi också. Så symtomfri har jag inte varit på år. Bo vid kusten i södra England är kanske inte så tokigt? Tyvärr blev jag förkyld på tåget hem och har mest spenderat veckan i sängen med feber knaprande diverse brittiska förkylningslindrande mediciner. Idag har jag varit ut en sväng för fösta gången sen vi kom hem i söndagskväll. Imorgon bär det av till Cheddar på ytterligare ett bröllop. Det kommer bilder på lite saker jag gjort den senaste veckan också och saker kommer upp på Misi nästa vecka istället. Håll utkik!

Photos from Falmouth were we spent a long weekend. I liked the place and so did my asthma and allergy. Haven't been feeling that well for years really. Maybe living along the south English coust isn't too bad? Anyway, I caught a cold on the train back to London and have spent the week mostly in bed taking British cold relief meds. Been out for a bit today though and tomorrow we go to Cheddar for another wedding. There will be some new pictures coming on stuff I've made the last week soon. Will update Misi next week instead of this though so keep a look out!

14 Sep 2010

Just another obsession

Two flowers...

Three skulls...

One suger sweet heart...

One red button heart...

Last but not least, a... Fish! All made in felt of various kinds during a couple of evenings. There's more to come! Oh, they're brooches if you haven't figured it out by now. They are for sale and will be up on my Misi after the weekend.

We're going to a wedding in Falmouth on Thursday so I might be a bit silent on the blog until next week. If not before, see you then!

13 Sep 2010

I'll be back, promise!

I've been busy making brooches and taking walks up on Hampstead Heath the last couple of days. Until the weather provides better light for me to photograph the brooches I thought I'd leave you with some sort of a life sign. Lovely tree huh?

540 unique visitors, I'm humbled. Thank you!

7 Sep 2010

Francis Alys and half a pair of wristwarmers

As I promised a post about the Francis Alys exhibition at Tate Modern my friend Nina and I went to. To be honest I don't know what to say apart from that it was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Mostly I enjoyed the way his works seemed to address all ages and levels of knowledge. The child counted sheep in one (video)work while the old man giggled at another. The experience led Nina and me to discussions about quality among some things. I would gladly recommend it but it finished the 5 September.

The photo above is of another wristwarmer. It's so far a lonely soul since I haven't started making the other one yet. Do you think I should add some decoration to it?

6 Sep 2010


Inspired, again, by traditional Swedish crafts I made a kind of bracelet. It's my first attempt at "kavelfrans", the fluffy edge in wool yarn at the top there. It turned out a bit uneven but next time will be better now that I know what I'm doing. Overall I aimed for the naive folky look. Did I succeed you think? It's made from felt with a crocheted metal wire application, sequins, embroidery and has cotton edges and lining.

Apart from going to the recreation of the last night of the proms 1910 this weekend I've finished half a pair of wristwarmers and crocheted some roses. Now it's all about getting a job so I've spent the bigger part of today going through my CV again. Any tips for a killer CV would be more then welcome! Or a job in London would be even better!

2 Sep 2010


I'm back from my short trip to a cold Sweden. Autumn is right outside the door there. Anyway, do you remember this pin-cushion I started ages ago? Well, it's finished now. I did bring some sand with me this time and here you have the sand filled result. It will be up for sale in a while if someone is interested.

I meet up with my Mom last friday and she did say she had some yarn for me. I just didn't expect how much yarn she had! I got loads of new high quality wool yarn and some other stuff too. I'm to lazy to pull it all out of the box I put it in yesterday to show you some photos... sorry. And if this present from my Mom wasn't enough my dear friend Nina came around yesterday with a bag full of treasures from her grandma, who was a seamstress! There were plenty of yarn and really nice fabrics (some even high quality wool fabrics!!)! Thanks Nina, really thank you! I will cherish all of it.

We also went to an art exhibition yesterday but I think the visit deserves its own post so more about it later.