22 Aug 2010

How to Shoulder the Knits

Made this "shawl" in about two evenings from a ball of yarn I've had for about two years. The yarn is called Onion Baroque 6 yarns and I used 12 mm needles. Quite a funny yarn to knit, you never know what the next part will be or look like. Kind of makes you want to knit a little bit more. Anyway, the grey flower is some spare alpaca I had laying around. The question now is if I should sell it or keep it for myself. Not to sure I'd use it myself. What do you think?

Ds. By the way... From the 16th of august when I got a little visit counter I've had 92 unique visiters! I have to say I didn't expect that! Shame you wont leave a little trace behind... just a little hint... No pressure, but feel free to leave a comment.

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astrid nilsson said...

Sjalen ar jattefin, du kan nog ha kvar den. Moster Astrid