17 Nov 2008

How to make a paper rose

This is the first part of the paper flower tutorial I wrote about in my last post. I'll be writen entirly in english since all of you actually understand the language so here we go...

Ok, this is the basic equipment you need for making paper flowers. First you need silk paper which is a very thin paper but as it's always nice with experiments don't hesitate to try other kinds of paper just make sure they aren't too thick. Second you need a florists thread and tape. You also need a scissor and some candy/chocolate paper. Sincie this tutorial is about making a paper rose you wont need the candy paper just jet. (Gives you plenty of time to eat that candy.)

First you need to cut out a rectangular piece of silk paper in a color you like. Make sure the piece is much longer then the short side of the rectangular.

Then you also need to cut a few dm of thread around 40-50cm maybe it depends on how long stalk you want in the end. Now fold the thread so that one end is a bit longer then the other and the "fold" lookes as it does on my picture.

Then fold your rectangular silk paper as shown on the picture (the long sides toward each other) but DON'T make a "sharp fold".

Now it's time to roll and fold your rose together and you start by "rolling" the short edge on your prefered side, as righthanded i think it's easier to begin on the right side, a little bit.

This is the start, then as you go along you also need to make tiny folds as to make it "fluffy".

When you finish your rose will look something like this:

Now you take the thread and place it as shown in the picture. Then you twine the shorter end of the thread around the rose and the "loop" of the thread.

This was the first part of the paper rose tutorial and the next part will be about how to add leaves and how to finish off the stalk. Hopefuly I'll be able to post that part in the end of this week. Enjoy and don't give up at first try!

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