3 Jun 2016

Say Hello to Isabel

Six weeks ago, end of April, on a Wednesday our second little girl arrived. Meet Isabel, she’s a big, quiet, sleeping and easy baby. We’ve had a good start without any hick-ups at all, a little sniffle cold but that’s really it. My mom have been visiting and there’s help close by too. We feel lucky we still get to sleep during the night. A baby that sleeps! I’m still surprised she sleeps so much, Freja never did you see. Things have started to settle down on the sibling front too, but it has been tough. Freja has very much taken the toddler tantrums to a new high. Getting better though. Just wanted to say hello and that I will only post sporadically for some time. Will show you that quilt when I finally get around to snapping a pic of it. Until then, all the best.

4 Mar 2016

WIP – Baby Quilt I

I said I’d started to make a baby quilt for the baby in my last post and here’s how far I’ve gotten. I did go out and buy some FQ for this project as well as backing fabric and surprisingly I fancied some yellow for the back. Must be a first, since I’ve never really been that keen on yellow. It’s good that one can change its mind though. Now let’s hope I get a chance to finish this before the little one arrives! 

2 Mar 2016

Baby Nest – what we kind of missed last time around

Quite a few weeks ago now I made this baby nest, using this tutorial (it's in Swedish), but modifying the method slightly. I was thinking of making one even before we had Freja but never got around to it. This time I hope it’ll come in handy for daytime use. That is if I can keep Freja from using it as a boat! Not that I blame her, it looks a lot like a little boat!

Otherwise we’re slowly getting on with everyday stuff. Lots of appointments for both F and me and little energy for creative things. Sorting a broken washing machine is top of the to-do list. Those sort of things. But I have started a quilt for the little one, just like I made Freja one 3 years ago. Just got some side panels left on the front and then it’s time to assemble and quilt. Fingers crossed it will be done before labour starts!

25 Jan 2016

Late Happy New Year and some news

Yeah, I know. It’s been a while, to say the least. Well it wasn’t a planned blog pause but I suppose that is what it turned out to be. A very long one on top of that. The reason is rather simple actually. We’re expecting our second child in the beginning of April. From around week 6 and up until quite recently the morning sickness (such a stupid name!) have been bad. Pair it with a demanding two year old that has had really bad periods of not sleeping well during the night this blog has been the last thing on my mind. Let alone anything else but surviving everyday life really. The whole family has had a very long autumn to say the least but we’re back on track now, more or less. So I hope to be posting a little more regularly from now on. 
On another note entirely a very late Happy New Year! And a big thank you to those of you who have faithfully looked in here through the autumn. I really appreciate it, so lots of love to you! 
With the new baby arriving things are changing around the house (F got her own room!) and I’ve started making some baby stuff to complement what we already have. I will be posting about some of that the coming weeks (?). I’d like to do a New Year lookback and maybe set a few simple goals for 2016 but we’ll see if there’s time and energy enough for that. 
In the mean time I love this project (it’s all in Swedish but your translate software should do a fair job of the essentials) and hope I’ll have enough energy to participate a few months. Check it out!

11 Aug 2015

When life and technology interferes

Gosh, what a few weeks I’ve had. Some computer issues have tampered with half the families patient, well none of us being particularly keen on tech stuff, just have a look at our 6 year old phones! I think we can snap grainy photos with them? Oh well some digging around on the internet on our old tiny spare solved the problems but meant a lot of re-installations needed doing. Fingers crossed that was it for a while.

Now Freja’s sleep patterns have been a bit of a roller coaster too and a neighbour playing very load music at any time of day, actually night is more appropriate, means the word sleep-deprived have reached new heights. If someone would have told me that I would be this tired and still manage to go about our usual daily routines I don’t think I would have believed them!

Anyhow, we’ve embraced the summer we’ve got the last month and done a few family outings, enjoyed the paddling pool in the garden and had a few pick nicks. Really just trying to get by in the tired haze.

My craft room has now got its storage too! There’s still some things needing attending but once I’ve managed those I’m definitely going to show you.

So I’ll leave you with a photo of Freja on the beach and hope to be back before too long.

28 Jul 2015

Three Years Ago Today...

… we married on a warm but slightly overcast day. I don’t think I ever showed you all those pictures I planned too. The Freja bump kind of got in the way. But we’re re-living it through these today. Love you loads James! All Photos By Lina Ubbäng. 

15 Jul 2015

Emerging from a haze with way too many thoughts in my head...

Ok, another blog silence has ended. I went and got food poisoning last week, not nice at all, so I feel like I’m finally emerging from a haze with way too many thoughts in my head. 

Since the cushion project I’ve felt a little lost to what to do, it was such a big project for me and now I’m “free” I can’t decide what to focus on. I got loads of ideas and sketches in my sketchbook(s) of things I want to make or try. But they seem to stay on the planning stage and then be overlooked for the next ideas planning stage. So apart from those forever ongoing projects, like the scrap fabric running stitch madness and the puffs, I’m not really doing much. Anyone else out there wanting to do everything at once and ending up doing nothing instead? Any tips on ending this circle? I was perhaps thinking of tackling the UFO pile… *trembles from fear*